Tred Union

H.M. Verploegen is associated with the Tred Union as the only Dutch transporter. This is an organization to which some eighty French transport companies are affiliated, working with each other on training and knowledge transfer.

Tred Chariot

Tred Chariot is an alliance of transporters in France specializing in transport with portable forklifts. Tred Chariot is Europe's largest and fastest growing portable forklift network. Specialising in B2C as well as B2B. In addition to France, Switzerland and Spain, we are the partner for the Benelux.

Netwerk Pole

As a France specialist, we are affiliated with the French distribution network Pole. This is a finely-meshed network with five hubs located throughout France. This allows us to guarantee that even inner-city deliveries are delivered to their destination within 24 to 72 hours.


For more than twenty-five years we have worked closely with fuel supplier Shell. We have made agreements with them to offset our CO2 emissions, so we deliver goods to customers in a zero-emission way. In cooperation with Shell, we will investigate how we can take further steps in making our company more sustainable in the coming years.

Lean & Green

In recent years, we have been able to achieve over 20 percent CO2 reduction in our business. For this we have received a Lean & Green Star. In the coming period we will be working hard to reduce our CO2 emissions even further and to achieve the next Lean & Green Star.

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