Joint cargo & distribution

By combining several customer shipments, we can optimise the use of our freight space and drive fewer empty miles. In many cases, we retrieve the shipments from our customers, after which they are sorted in our warehouses and assigned to different trips. In doing so, we strive to bundle together as many delivery addresses as possible in the same postal code area. This allows us to deliver shipments quickly and inexpensively.

Truck-mounted forklift

H.M. Verploegen regularly handles transports with goods that deviate from standard dimensions and require extra attention. This is also why we also offer transports using trucks with a truck-mounted forklift. For example, with a truck-mounted forklift we can directly load and unload the construction materials we transport at home and abroad at any desired location.

Finely-meshed distribution network

We are specialists in finely-meshed distribution. Via crossdock, the goods are sorted by postal code in our warehouse, after which they are transported to their final destination as quickly as possible in cooperation with a number of authorized regional transporters.

Inner-city deliveries

The number of inner-city shipments at home and abroad continues to increase. We do everything in our power, together with our partners, to get these shipments to their destinations as quickly, efficiently and inexpensively as possible. As specialists in transport to and from France, we are affiliated with the French Pole distribution network. This is a finely meshed network with five hubs, which also allows us to guarantee inner-city deliveries in France within 24 to 72 hours. We ensure that your goods arrive at their destination quickly, economically and efficiently.

Logistics & Value Added Logistics (VAL)

We also offer our customers options for temporary inventory storage, repackaging and wrapping products, unloading and palletising goods, and preparing orders for transport.

Short sea and inland shipping

Through our sister company SV Shipping in Barendrecht, we also offer our customers container and bulk transports by water. We do this for inland shipping as well as for short sea and overseas transport.


H.M. Verploegen is in the lead group when it comes to using the digital bill of lading, the e-CMR. For our customers, this offers enormous advantages. Thanks to e-CMR, they have access to the status of a transport at any time. Through their own customer portal, customers can also view all information from the point of order entry: quotes, transport orders, e-CMR, track & trace, invoice and archiving.

Track & Trace

We work with a Track & Trace system that allows our clients to continuously follow the status of their shipment from the point of the order intake. As an extra service, our drivers often call when they are almost at their destination, so the customer knows the shipment is coming.

“In my own portal, I can directly view all information: quote, transport order, e-CMR, track & trace, invoice and archiving.“

Help desk and contact

Do you have questions or are you interested in one of our services? We would like to help you.

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